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Qualifying Qualifications What Really Matters in a Candidate - Spark Hire

Qualifying Qualifications What Really Matters in a Candidate - Spark HireRunning a small business requires getting the most out of every candidate. Tzu siches no room for error when hiring a candidate who will fulfill multiple roles and perform a variety of functions. As such, identifying exactly what youre looking for in a candidate before completing the hiring process can be vital to making the right decision. But focusing solely on a predetermined tischset of qualifications may actually stunt your hiring search, preventing you from finding the best, most well-rounded candidate for your open position.As an example, an article from Britains HR magazine discusses a school which hired an under-qualified candidate, despite the teachers years of experience in other high-level related positions. The candidate was hired as the head teacher at a primary schoola job for which she was technically under-qualified. Shed had experience teaching while at a think tank, but hadnt yet gotten her PG CE, a qualification for the position. Her hiring sparked some outrage because of her failure to obtain her PGCE prior to hiring. The article, though, presents reasons why certain quantifiable qualifications may not always paint the best picture of a potential candidate.The article finds that hiring candidates based solely on listed, predefined qualifications, and not taking into account other experience, can hurt businesses looking to hire candidates. There are a number of immeasurable traits which make candidates the perfect fit for your small business. Leadership skills, resilience, experience, and how well a candidate handles pressure situations are all equally important in the hiring process. Small businesses, many of whom need more utility players, should be especially cognizant of hiring the most well-rounded candidate, not just the most qualified one.Small businesses face even tougher decisions when it comes to hiring new job candidates and a wrong hire can be far more detrim ental than for their bigger counterpart thats why figuring out what is important in a candidate, outside of just a certain set of qualifications, is crucial to your hiring process.Is your small business hiring? Let us know in the comments what intangibles you look for in a candidate outside of just a defined set of qualifications.IMAGE Courtesy of Flickr byjonny2love

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How to Marie Kondo your workspace before summer

How to Marie Kondo your workspace before summerHow to Marie Kondo your workspace before summerEarlier this year, Marie Kondo taught us to only surround ourselves with items that bring us joy. Well, is your space looking bare now? Same.Add these office supplies, dcor accents, and furniture pieces to your workspace to help you stay - and feel - productive this spring (and all year long).Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreBecause if we learned anything after putting the KonMari method into practice, its that marble lamps and colorful markers bring joy - and lots of it.PSB M4U 8 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling HeadphonesYouve got your easy listening playlist ready on Spotify, now its time to bust out your noise-canceling headphones. Just because you opt for wireless headphones doesnt mean you have to skimp on top-notch sound quality - and these ones from PSB are the best of both w orlds. $399 at Amazon.comPSBOOLY Seriously Fine Felt Tip Markers Keep your to-do lists in check - literally - with this platzset of 36 felt tip markers. Made especially with planners and bullet journals in mind, these markers come with a super fine tip - .7 mm - to ensure that you can dot your Is and cross your Ts with ease.$14 at Amazon.comOOLYMoDRN Glam Cylinder Marble Table LampIlluminate your workspace in style with this Art Deco-inspired marble lamp. Because the easiest way to boost your mood is by adding some light to your space - natural or otherwise.$129 at Jet.comJetConcrete Desk PlanterWhether real or fake, plants instantly add a dose of life to even the saddest, dullest cubicles. Fill this concrete planter with a few succulents - its your call - and then keep it nearby so that you can use it as a pen holder or paperweight when needed. $30 at BespokePost.comBespoke PostNovo Restore CandleWhen youre feeling overwhelmed, breathe in the aroma of this candle - lemongra ss, jasmine, and mandarin - for a sense of calm. If you really need some RR, go for the double-wick option so that you can get 130 hours of burn time a.k.a. peace and quiet. $45-$60 at Vancouver Candle Co.Coffee Tree PlantogramThis isnt exactly the type of coffee thats in your office coffee pot Set in a 3-gallon container, this plant produces berries that change color from green to yellow to red. Once greenish-grey seeds develop, you can dry, roast, and grind em at home to get a fresh brew. $70 at Plantogram.comClean Air PlantNot just a pretty statement, adding greenery to your space can also help you breathe - and work - better. This set of four plants, which includes peace lily, fern, snake plant, devils ivy, Parlor palm, or dieffenbachia, all purify the air naturally. $29 at Amazon.comAmazonJust Tea Me Gift BasketWhether youre looking to unwind after a long day or in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, tea is always the answer. This basket is packed with ev erything you need for tea time such as honey sticks, cookies, chocolate, and of course, tea. $33 at Baskits.comBaskitsInspirational Quote CalendarHang this calendar somewhere visible so that you can get a dose of encouragement morning, noon, or night. Added bonus This 12-month calendar also comes with 190 stickers for you to use in your accompanying planner. $10 at ErinCondren.comErinCondrenMercer41 Reilly Task ChairNo matter how prim and proper your workspace is, it wont really feel it unless youre actually - we mean, physically - comfortable. Sit back, relax, and get to work in this gorgeous upholstered desk chair that is just as chic as it is supportive.$180 at Wayfair.comWayfairYou might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 1 2 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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Freelance writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner just revealed her huge pay rate

Freelance writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner just revealed her huge pay rateFreelance writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner just revealed her huge pay rateFreelance writings a tough gig, and very few make it to the top. Writing articles is piecework writers are notlage employees of the publications they write for, nor do they typically receive insurance. Hence, the importance of their per-word rate.Most successful freelancers earn $1/word. Writers who make it into the glossy magazines make $2 per word, but seldom do you hear of rates above that except, one assumes, for superstars like Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball and The Big Short and a writer for Vanity Fair. But still, hes not telling how much hes paid.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreThats why media mavens and writers were in a tizzy this weekend afterCosmopolitan published its profile of freelancer and journalist extraordinaire Taff y Brodesser-Akner. In the profile, where Brodesser-Akner promoted her new novel and dished on her philosophy about writing about celebrities, she also revealed her jaw-dropping rate $4 a word.Brodesser-Akner has carved out a niche in the celebrity profile sector (although she does other types of features, as well), writing about everyone from actresses Melissa McCarthy and Gwyneth Paltrow to tidying-up queen Marie Kondo for The New York Times magazine (and formerly GQ). One could fairly say she has elevated the form of the celeb profile, as she did with hilarity (and virality) in a recent Times magazine article about Gwyneth Paltrow and the wohlbefinden industryGoops ethic welches this, she paraphrased Paltrow explaining to a class of Harvard Business School students. That having beautiful things sometimes costs money finding beautiful things was sometimes a result of an immense privilege, but a lack of that privilege didnt mean you shouldnt have those things. Besides, just because some people cannot afford it doesnt mean that no one can and that no one should want it. If this bothered anyone, well, the newsletter content was free, and so were the recipes for turkey rag and banana-nut muffins.Starting your own clubHowever, plum assignments like this almost didnt happen. Early in her career, a womens magazine rejected Brodesser-Akner during an interview, saying, Youre not the person we would hire for our story, as she told Cosmopolitan. She sat alone in the buildings cafeteria, and then emailed the editor of GQ, a magazine she admired. Soon, she was working for the publication.However, she soon found herself feeling left out in the boys club atmosphere, as the guys got the freedom to file their stories late and she realized she would never be the writer assigned to sleep on tour buses with bands or camp in the desert with an actor or do ayahuasca with a politician.But as her profile at the magazine grew, she decided that shed had enough. She knew her worth and she had the chops to back it up.When I started doing the I dont get out of bed for less than $4 a word thing, people started paying me $4 a word, she told Cosmo.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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7 Tips for Coping With Job Loss

7 Tips for Coping With Job Loss7 Tips for Coping With Job LossEven the most loyal and competent employees can face the dreaded pink slip. And moving on can take time, motivation and support. Here are seven tips for coping with job loss.Going through a layoff or other job loss is never a pleasant experience. Stress, confusion and even depression can result. Your confidence can drop, and your motivation to move on may be temporarily zapped. But keep things in perspective. Losing your job is a setback, to be sure, but there are proven strategies to make it through this tough transition. Coping with job loss can be much less difficult when you have a plan to bounce back1. Let yourself feel the job lossTheres no need to fight those feelings of defeat and disappointment youll likely have immediately after losing your job. Its much like a grieving period Dont repress these thoughts only to have them resurface later. Thats not to say you should dwell on them, but everyone needs a little time to heal.2. Surround yourself with the right peopleYou may need some moments of solitude while coping with job loss, but dont isolate yourself. Friends and family can make a big difference. Being around supportive, positive people can help keep you hopeful and focused while you look for your next job.SUBMIT YOUR RESUME3. Re-evaluate your optionsThe fact is that you have more experience in your field than you did when you applied for your previous job, so update your resume and consider applying for positions that might not have been a fit before. You also have a weg to step back and look at the bigger picture. Were you truly happy in your previous job? Or can you visualize yourself changing careers and doing something different? Think about where your interests lie and how your life experience, work background and education can serve those passions.4. Catch up on career developmentIf you do want to continue in the same field, maybe its time to consider that certification youve thoug ht about getting, or to dive into some continuing education. Many industries, such as accounting, require ongoing professional development, so why not meet those requirements while you have the time?5. Keep in shapeIt would be easy to slip into a sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary choices because of stress or boredom while coping with job loss. But studies show that exercise can improve both your physical and emotional health. Exercise releases endorphins that trigger positive feelings, something that can fuel the drive and motivation youll need during your job hunt. A simple 30-minute walk in the fresh air goes a long way.6. VolunteerSpending all of your newfound free time focused solely on finding a new job can be draining. Worse yet is when you find yourself sitting at home worrying or just staring at the TV. Think about a cause you genuinely care about, and then seek out volunteer opportunities around that. Volunteering gets you up and out, serves as a source of social and int ellectual stimulation, and distracts you from the worries of unemployment. If you can find a volunteer role that uses your professional skills, it makes a nice addition to your resume. Remember, too, that volunteering can sometimes open the door to a paid position.7. Call on the professionalsConnect with a professional staffing agency that specializes in your field to learn about opportunities in your industry. A skilled recruiter can uncover job leads you wouldnt know about otherwise, all while you look for a new job, too. That can double your search power while relieving some of the anxiety of unemployment.In addition, a staffing agency such as Robert Half can help you line up temporary work. That can ease the financial strain, and you will likely learn new skills and gain valuable experience along the way.All of these ideas cost little or no money and could pay off with a renewed outlook and a better position than the one you lost. Keep your chin up and your eyes open. Coping wit h job loss is difficult, but you never know whats around the corner - it could be the job of your dreams. Tags

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Top Choices of Interior Designer Resume

Top Choices of Interior Designer Resume As a result, before receiving approval for work, an interior konzepter should prove her or his worth in a first-class resume. There has to be an in depth description of what your skills are, and of what sort of equipment and software youve dealt with. My portfolio is full of these types of projects and people usually understand what things to anticipate from me. Created portals, company websites together with large scale web applications. An outstanding Interior Designer resume, including this example, will incorporate a range of impressive skills your employer is searching for in a candidate. Interior Decorators may work with private customers or companies, and can occasionally enjoy flexible schedules if theyre self-employed. An outstanding Interior Decorator resume, like this example, will incorporate a variety of impressive skills your employer is searching for in a candidate. Your excellent Customer Service Skills ought to be a focu s of your resume too. To learn mora on what it requires to be an Interior Decorator, take a look at our complete Interior Decorator Job Description. This Senior Designer job description vorlage lists core abilities and qualifications you should search for in candidates. Functional resumes are appropriate once you have changed jobs often, dont have a good deal of experience, or whether you are searching for a career move to a completely different field. Infographic-style resumes have gotten popular, and they are sometimes effective when done well. Crafting a strong interior designer resume isnt only important, its fundamental Its the very same with the colors utilized in the resume. If you are feeling confident that you are able to combine the 2 formats discussed above, youll have a combination style resume. Youre an interior designer and, while using a couple colors to highlight the more important elements can seem to be a superior choice, make sure that you dont exaggerate It is not simple to discover local pro. In the end, you will see to it that the design team promotes our brand through delivering high excellent pieces on tight deadlines. You could also be the owner of your very own interior design enterprise. Treat your capability to recognize decent design like a muscle. Your upcoming employer can think that its somewhat childish to have a whole rainbow of color on your resume. If youre a freelance designer, you might be presenting your resume while also earning a bid for a project. It doesnt matter if its a little project or a massive project, well aid you in finding a pro to give you a hand. You might also be requested to deliver a portfolio of your previous projects. Download and edit our internet designer resume examples and boost your opportunity of being hired sooner. Anyone can pick from multiple designs and layouts presented in the Resume Templates which may outline the abilities and creativity for a designer. This template is not hard to change colours layout and fonts to suit your requirements. This template from Beautiful Resumes features vibrant colours, but you may just as easily get the exact same effect having a more subtle color scheme. Interior Designer Resume Secrets That No One Else Knows About If you wish to show employers your capacity to work nicely with others, you can attempt incorporating phrases like team player, team oriented, or works nicely with others into your document. Then, obtaining a little more comprehensive education section will produce more sense. The objective statement plays an important part in the accomplishment of your resume. This way you can be certain that when they your perfect employer reads your resume, they will immediately understand why they need to hire you. You may receive a crystal clear idea about what the employer would like to see by reading through the work description. As a wonderful touch, Dan Hernandez has branded his cover letter with similar styl e, which is a sensible idea if your work application involves submitting a number of documents. Its possible to observe why knowing your perfect company is so crucial. These five tips arent steps which you should take and continue from one to another. Whilst a beginner its essential to convince influential parties of your work.

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The New Angle On Jobs Without Expirience Just Released

The New Angle On Jobs Without Expirience Just Released While its absolutely feasible to receive a little work for a novice, you also dont have anything to gain by remaining inexperienced. Most new small business owners cant afford to employ help, so they could use your skills in a number of means. 1 skill many folks possess but dont sell is self-leadership. The Hidden Truth About Jobs Without Expirience Self-employed construction managers must obtain their own projects, or so the should sell their services to possible clients is important. Paper towel businesses employ paper towel sniffers to enaya that their product is odorless. If you dont have any experience, the ideal way to get started is to find work on a land-based oil rig. The building business is always hit hard at the beginning of a recession. The Dos and Donts of Jobs Without Expirience Locate the name of somebody who is responsible for the specific department or outlet you need to work in and write to them. Y ou just need to have a notion of the kind of job that interests you and then set out to come across any openings online. There various entry level PM roles youre able to find in the industry. Get the Scoop on Jobs Without Expirience Before Youre Too Late No experience trucking jobs can be difficult to find if you dont understand how to go about doing it. Most companies just have a vague idea of what it is that they want in an employee. An increasing number of companies are hiring part-timers as opposed to full time drivers so they can avoid offering benefits and greater pay. The superior trucking businesses rarley advertise If you would like to know which careers in Arizona offer the maximum pay, here are the best 25. No prior experience is needed to become a school bus driver, and the job can come with benefits and a good salary. Its important not to be picky once youre seeking your very first trucking job. It can be quite hard to get that very first accounting job. A St artling Fact about Jobs Without Expirience Uncovered As many professional careers do need formal higher education and years of experience, you can come across high paying jobs which dont take a college degree or prior experience. As you dont require prior experience to be a grader, youre going to need a bachelors degree in any subject to be considered. Perhaps you should consider training for another career You could also be in a position to find internship opportunities by your college. Jobs Without Expirience - the Conspiracy The organization only requires you to have an excellent working understanding of the English language and also be in a position to type at fast speeds. Its a fact that you dont require any experience to receive paid for data entry work. There are, in addition, some overall software skills which will help you, and often theres totally free or low-cost training available. If youre unsure regarding the training which you will want to turn into an HGV driv er then please visit our site, theres a plethora of information available. Jobs Without Expirience - the Story Youll also have to attach your CV. Push your relevance to the particular job you desire. Find something youre genuinely interested in and make sure that the opportunity will permit you to develop the skills you will need to receive the job that you desire. No matter the reason, sometimes likely to college isnt an alternative. A great deal of folks become excited about the notion of working at home. A couple of hours every week or just a month can go a very long way if youre using or developing your abilities. Well, heres how you are able to crack the work market for the very first moment. Detecting a home based job that you could comfortably do with no experience is possible. Previous bill collection experience isnt required. Be prepared to Work If getting a sales job without experience sounds like a good deal of work, its. Make sure that you do whatever you ca n to find job offers whenever you do get invited onto an interview. The Debate Over Jobs Without Expirience Some work experience placements might even supply you with the chance to have a few really intriguing and challenging responsibilities. As you become more experience, youre often given the chance to decide on a medical specialty, which can be a terrific pathway to a more senior position. Its sometimes simpler to request work-shadowing opportunities, as opposed to direct hands-on work experience. Fortunately, there are more opportunities available for individuals without an experience in a particular field than youd think.